Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Part Three: Gary Con VIII Video

The last part of what came through the eye of my camera consists of a collection of random video shorts (some are really, really short).  You can play the whole thing end to end and get a better sense of Gary Con's atmosphere, or hunt for specific parts you may be interested in.  Total time 23 minutes. Here is the list of contents and their timing:

  • Start: Frank Mentzer introducing his D&D game (VIP gaming room)
  • 03:08 Jim Ward speaking at his seminar on freelancing (auditorium)
  • 08:11 Luke Gygax running an AD&D game (open gaming area)
  • 09:10 Jeff Easley at the Gary Con HQ desk
  • 10:01 WWI air combat game (miniatures gaming room)
  • 10:58 Wayne "Von Deekin" Targo & Star Wars Armada game (miniatures gaming room)
  • 12:02 Gondor Civil War game (HMGS gaming area)
  • 12:54 Chronologically--Simon Todd, Lloyd Metcalf, Frank Mentzer, Diesel, Darlene, Jeff Butler, Lisa LaForce, Jeff Easley, Lou Zocchi, Tim Kask, and random crowd shots (Exhibitors' Hall)
  • 14:52 Duke Seifried and Peter Adkison (open gaming hallway)
  • 15:48 TSR party on Saturday evening--lots of former TSR folks here (main lobby lounge)
  • 17:34 Steve Pokorny & David Zeb Cook (VIP gaming room)
  • 17:57 Circus Maximus (miniatures gaming room)
  • 18:22 Ernie Gygax introducing his AD&D game (VIP gaming room)
  • 21:03 Merle Rasmussen and his Top Secret game (VIP gaming room)

That's it for now.  See you next year!


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