Thursday, February 11, 2016

Through the Kaleidoscope

Yesterday, I posted a collection of divine symbols for the dwarves of Araldûr.  Looks like some of you appreciated this image.  Just for laughs, I ran it through a kaleidoscope.  See below a gallery of shots from what came out of the magical artifact.  Click on an image for a sharper view.

Also, as a final note:

Dear Project Backers,

This is to notify pretty much all of you that you should have received from DTRPG an e-mail notification with the link to download your free PDF, "Under the Great Vault". Do check your spam box if you don't see it. This PDF includes prequel stories and a handy English-Kragdûras/Kragdûras-English dictionary. Please do not share this document inconsiderately since it is intended as an exclusive reward for backing Calidar. Many of you already have this PDF (if so, ignore this notification). The remainder of your Kickstarter rewards are due around August 2016. Thanks again for backing "Beyond the Skies."



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