Sunday, December 20, 2015

#Calidar: FUNDED!

Dear Supporters of ‪#‎Calidar‬

I have the pleasure of announcing that "Beyond the Skies" has met its initial funding goal. So, yes, a great book there will be! Thank you so much to all of you for making this possible, and in time before Christmas too. Now comes the next step of hitting the stretch goals. These are crucial because they increase the amount of internal art. The dream goal is one illustration for each of the 89 gods depicted in the book, plus artwork for the other chapters, which do represent a substantial part of "Beyond the Skies." Your generosity has made this ultimate goal possible. Kudos to you all!

For those of you reading this message and who've not had the opportunity yet to jump in, now is a great time to do so, first off because the project will definitely happen.  At this point, it can only get better.  Kickstarter does not actually complete a transaction until the project ends on January 7th 2016. 

If you do not own the first book in the series, "Stranger Skies," you can obtain it through this Kickstarter campaign at a discount.  The complete PDF files for "Stranger Skies" is listed there at an all-time low of $6. 

You can also own two 60-page booklets in printed format which are only available to Kickstarter backers.  They cannot be purchased after the crowdfunding campaign ends. Simply backing the project with a First Mate pledge level already earns you these two booklets in PDF format for free.  Poster maps from "Stranger Skies" are also available at a discount.  There is a limited supply of these poster maps.  Once out of stock, they are unlikely to be reprinted.  You can find all this under the project's "Add-Ons" header.

If you want one more more add-ons over and above the normal pledge for "Beyond the Skies," simply add the value of these add-ons manually to your pledge amount, along with any shipping fees listed in their descriptionsI'll contact you later via Kickstarter to confirm everything.

Thanks again for your interest and your support.  Merry Christmas.    

-- Bruce Heard

Second in the Calidar series, this 220+ pg compendium tells all about gods, their spirit servants, and their foes, for use with any RPG.  Aside from listing gods, this book's contents further develop the Calidar fantasy setting and provide substantial material designed to enhance game play, such as divine powers for mortal followers based on their piety, secret brotherhoods, temple floor plans, etc.

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