Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Black Blood in the Night: Player Characters Listing

Thief: T6, AC4, hp24, MV 120’(40’), THAC0 17, AT 1 sword, Dmg d6+1, Save T6, AL N; St12, In11, Wi10, Dx17, Co13, Ch15. Abilities: OpLk40, FnTr35, RmTr34, CmWa92, MvSi44, HdSh32, PkPk45, HrNs54, RdLg80; backstab for double damage; has skyship sails operations skill (Intelligence); Follower of Istra: +1 to ability checks when performed with unusual panache. Equipment: +1 short sword, +1 leather armor, potion of invisibility, ring of fire resistance, scroll of protection from undead.

Prior of Soltan: C5, AC3, hp28, MV 90’(30’), THAC0 17, AT 1 sword, Dmg d6+2/+5, Save C5, AL L; St13 In10, Wi17, Dx11, Co15, Ch12. Abilities: Turn Undead; Clerical Spells: I (x4), II (x2); +1 bonus to attack rolls with flaming sword; Soltan’s limited prescience (+2 bonus to Initiative once per day); reads old Tanethian (-4 penalty to Intelligence check to converse in that language); has Ancient Religions Lore skill (Intelligence). Equipment: +1/+3 flaming sword, +1 chain mail, +1 shield, ring of regeneration.

Fighter: F5, AC-3, hp35, MV 90’(30’), THAC0 17, AT 1 sword, Dmg d8+4, Save F5, AL L; St17, In10, Wi12, Dx13, Co15, Ch11. Abilities: as a follower of Odin gains +1 bonus to Wisdom checks; enjoys skyship helmsman skill (Wisdom). Equipment: +2 sword, +1 plate armor (total +3 bonus to saving throws), +1 shield, potion of heroism, bag of holding.

Dwarf: D5, AC3, hp40, MV 90’(30’), THAC0 17, AT 1 axe or light crossbow, Dmg d6+4 or d6+1, Save D5, AL N; St16, In12, Wi13, Dx11, Co16, Ch10. Abilities: infravision; as a faithful of Khrâlia possesses basic knowledge of rocks and precious stones; has skyship engineering/carpentry skills (Intelligence). Equipment: +2 battleaxe, +1 crossbow, +2 chain mail, potion of super-healing.

Magic User: MU5, AC6, hp20, MV 120’(40’), THAC0 19, AT 1 staff, Dmg 2d6, Save MU5, AL N; St10, In17, Wi11, Dx15, Co13, Ch12. Abilities: as a follower of the Great Turtle gains a +1 bonus to saves vs. magical attacks; has charting/navigation skill (Intelligence). Wizard spells: I (x4), II (x2), III (x1). Equipment: +1 dagger, staff of striking, +2 ring of protection, scroll of communication. Spell book: I. analyze, detect magic, light, magic missiles, protection from evil, read languages, read magic; II. detect evil, invisibility, knock, wizard lock; III. lightning bolt, haste.

Elf: E5, AC2, hp28, MV 120’(40’), THAC0 17, AT 1 bow or sword, Dmg d6+2 or d8+2, Save E5, AL L; St15, In16, Wi10, Dx14, Co13, Ch10. Abilities: immune to ghoul paralysis, detect secret doors, infravision; as a follower of Delathien, enjoys basic knowledge of plants; possesses Ancient Ships Lore skill (Intelligence -4). Wizard spells: I (x4), II (x2), III (x1). Equipment: +2 long bow, +1 sword, +1 banded mail, elven boots. Spell book: I. charm person, floating disk, hold person, light, shield, read magic, ventriloquism; II. levitate, mirror image, web; III. dispel magic, protection from normal missiles.

Note: the first player whose character is eliminated gets to run Constable Crayne (who decides to rejoin the party to check up on them first hand).

Oh, man!  Now *THAT's* scary! Hooooo...

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