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Bumblebee Part IV

This section is Part IV of Flight of the Bumblebee, originally run at the Lucca Games 2013 convention. It provides a summary of game statistics and other handouts. Click here for Part III, Shadowfall Manor. Give the players the pre-generated character sheets and the Bumblebee map and key, and start having fun, already!

H.H.M.S. Bumblebee

The Bumblebee is a skyship bearing three sets of masts standing in a star-shaped configuration (60 degrees from each other—three masts upright, three on the lower starboard side, and three on the lower port side), for a total of 9 masts, plus one bowsprit. The three lower starboard and lower port masts can be accessed through hatches. An enchantment on the ship's decks enable artificial gravity on the horizontal plane. A sphere extends just outside the edges of the masts which provides life support for high-altitude flights or travel through space. The hull and the ship’s main structure radiate levitation enchantment providing basic lift, which can be controlled by the helmsman. Actual maneuvering comes from a separate device inside the skyship (lower deck area 1), also controlled by the helmsman. The Bumblebee has five decks:
  • Quarterdeck
  • Upper Deck (incl. the forecastle and the stern deck)
  • Main Deck
  • Lower Deck
  • Ship’s Hold

H.H.M.S. Bumblebee: AC7, HP120, MV 120’/round or 72 miles/day, #AT see below. Due to crew limitations only two main deck weapons can be used simultaneously, or three ballistae; boltmen are not trained on these weapons. Crew: 1 captain, 10 boltmen, 20 sailors. Special Abilities: can sail at double speed for one game turn, once per day. Armament:
  • 6 ballistae: AC4, HP9, #AT 1/2, Dmg 1d10+6, Range 100’/200’/300’
  • 4 light catapult (2 each, starboard & port): AC6, HP18, #AT 1/5, Dmg 1d8+8, Range 200’/250’/300’ min 150’
  • 1 heavy catapult (aft): AC8, HP 27, #AT 1/6, Dmg 1d10+10, Range 250’/325’/400’ min 175’

The Bumblebee Map Key

Top View & Stern Deck
1. Forecastle
2a. & 2b. Gangway
3. Upper Deck
4. Officers Mess
4a. Officers’ Privies
5. Captain’s Cabin
5a. Captain’s Privies
6. Quarterdeck

Main Deck
1. Open Area
2. Crew Quarters
2a. & 2b. Midshipmen Quarters
2c. & 2d. Roundhouses
3. Crew Heads
4. Chapel
4a. Armory
5. Stern Walkway
6. Captain at Arms’s Cabin
7. Ship Master’s Cabin
8. First mate’s Cabin
9. Master of Engine’s Cabin

Lower Deck
1. Steerage Chamber
2. Brig & Stowage
3-4. Mates Quarters
5. Carpenter’s Cabin
6. Carpenter’s Workshop
7. Bosun’s Quarters
8. Marines Quarters
9. Purser’s Cabin
10. Master Artificer’s Cabin
11. Laboratory & Stowage
12. Forward Passageway
12a. Stowage

13. Galley & Cook’s Quarters
13a-13b. Stowage

Ship’s Hold
1. Hold
2. Sail Stowage
3. Ropes & Munitions Stowage

Officers (pre-gen PCs or NPCs)
  • Captain Dalmeran: Class/Level MU7, hp 25, AC4, MV 120’(40’), #AT 1 rapier, Dmg 1d6+3 or by spell, Save MU7, AL L; St14, In17, Wi11, Dx16, Co13, Ch15. Equipment: rapier +2, ring of protection +3, scroll of communication, potion of super-healing.
  • Loreane Tiggart, First Mate: Class/Level F8, hp 52, AC0, MV 120’(40’), #AT 1 sword, Dmg 1d8+2, Save F8+2, AL N; St15, In14, Wi11, Dx16, Co17, Ch13. Equipment: normal sword +1, chain +2, scroll of communication, displacer cloak, potion of super-healing
  • Arabesque Starward, Ship Master: Class/Level C8, hp 36, AC3, MV 120’(40’), #AT 1 staff, Dmg 2d6+1, Save C8, AL L; St13, In11, Wi17, Dx15, Co14, Ch16. Equipment: staff of striking (13 charges), chain mail +1, ring of safety, potion of super-healing
  • Setho Hounsteel, Captain-at-Arms: Class/Level E7, hp 32, AC1, MV 120’(40’), #AT 1 sword, Dmg 1d8+3, Save E7, AL N; St16, In17, Wi11, Dx15, Co14, Ch13. Equipment: normal sword +1, bow +1, plate mail +1, potion of super healing
  • Tellias Tugsickle, Purser: Class/Level T8, hp 28, AC4, MV 120’(40’), #AT 1 sword, Dmg 1d8+2, Save T8, AL N; St14, In13, Wi11, Dx17, Co15, Ch16. Equipment: normal sword +1, leather armor +1, ring of invisibility, potion of super-healing
  • Torwik Boulderborn, Master of Engines: Class/Level D8, hp 52, AC3, MV 90’(30’), #AT 1 battleaxe, Dmg 1d8+4, Save D8, AL L; St17, In13, Wi14, Dx15, Co16, Ch11. Equipment: battleaxe +2, chain +1, bag of holding, horn of blasting, potion of super-healing
  • NPC: Wassor Barromble, Master Artificer: Class/Level G7, hp32, AC5, MV 90’(30’), #AT 1 short sword, Dmg 1d6+1, Save MU7, AL N; St11, In16, Wi15, Dx17, Co14, Ch13. Equipment: short sword +1, ring or protection +2, boots of traveling & leaping, potion of super-healing
  • NPC: Philbur Thornegate, Bosun: Class/Level F6, hp 39, AC5, MV 120’(40’), #AT 1 sword, Dmg 1d8+2, Save F6, AL N; St15, In13, Wi16, Dx11, Co17, Ch14. Equipment: normal sword +1/+3 vs. undead, leather +2, potion of super-healing
  • NPC: Beaker Buglehorn, Helmsman: Class/Level F5, hp33, AC6, MV 120’(40’), #AT 1 sword/crossbow, Dmg 1d6+2, Save F5, AL L; St14, In13, Wi15, Dx17, Co16, Ch11. Equipment: light crossbow +2, short sword +1, ring of protection +1, potion of super-healing
  • NPC: Jambaya Moffeecot, Cook: Class/Level H6, hp33, AC5, MV 90’(30’), #AT 1 frying pan, Dmg 1d4+3, Save H6, AL N; St11, In13, Wi15, Dx14, Co17, Ch16. Equipment: frying pan +2, light crossbow +1, leather armor +1, wooden leg of death, potion of super-healing. 
  • NPC: Hamfers Cobbletack, Carpenter: Class/Level F5, hp33, AC5, MV 120’(40’), #AT 1 hammer, Dmg 1d6+3, Save F6, AL L; St17, In14, Wi13, Dx15, Co16, Ch11. Equipment: warhammer +1, leather armor +1, potion of super-healing
  • Other NPCs: Fastickle, Rhymewise, Floggett (midshipmen)

Encounter Listing
  • Heldannic Knight: AC2-4, F4-6, hp 18-27, MV90’(30’), AT1, Dmg 1d8+1, ML12, Save F4-6, Int11, AL N. Special Abilities: double damage when rolling an unmodified 18 or better to hit; immune to fear, charm, and other mind-affecting powers. Equipment: chain or plate mail + shield & sword.
  • Fra Zog, Heldannic Commander: AC0, C12, hp 44, MV90’(30’), AT1 or spell, Dmg 1d8+2 or by spell, ML12, Save C12; St14, In11, Wi16, Dx13, Co15, Ch14, AL N. Special Abilities: double damage when rolling an unmodified 18 or better to hit; immune to fear, charm, and other mind-affecting powers. Equipment: plate mail +1, shield +1, sword +1. Appearance: tall, clean-shaven head, brown eyes, dark-red Klingon-style beard; black plate mail, white shield and surcoat with black lion rampant, helm with lion head crest.
  • Common Sailor: AC8, F1-2, hp 5-9, MV120’(40’), AT1 sword or crossbow, Dmg 1d6, ML8, Save F1-2, Int10, AL N.
  • Alphatian Boltman: AC8, MU1, hp 5, MV120’(40’), AT1 or 1 spell, Dmg 6d6 bolt or by spell, ML9, Save M1, Int13, AL N. Special Abilities: shoot up to six broadsides of lightning bolts when ordered; one magic missile spell for self defense; retreat into the riggings to throw darts afterward. Equipment: boltman’s wand & darts. For officers, see pre-generated characters and NPC listing.
  • Greater Shadow: AC2, HD5**, hp 21-25, MV90’(30’), AT1, Dmg 1d8 + special, ML12, Save F5, Int7, AL C. Special Abilities: undead version of the official monster; +1 weapon to hit; 90% chance to hide in shadows; dimension door through nearby shadows; paralyzing touch as a ghoul; magical light sources within a 30’ radius are dimmed; non-magical light sources within a 60’ radius are fully extinguished; Turned as a Spectre. Appearance: when it appears looks like a shadow holding a scythe.
  • Spectral Avenger: AC4, HD6**, hp 24-30, MV90’(30’), AT1, Dmg 1d10 + special, ML12, Save F6, Int9, ALC. Special Abilities: +1 weapon to hit; mind control if foe is touched (until spectral avenger is destroyed); can pass through walls; Turned as a Vampire. Appearance: looks like a skeletal ghost whose white hair blows slowly in some ethereal wind.
  • Crypt Soul: AC1, HD8**, hp 32-40, MV90’(30’), AT1, Dmg 1d12 + special, ML12, Save F8, Int11, ALC. Special Abilities: +1 weapon to hit; mummifying touch (see below); invisibility initially and after scoring a hit; immune to spells levels 1-3; Turned as a Phantom; their presence can be sensed within 60’ radius as the air becomes very cold. Appearance: looks like a spectral mummy with pools of darkness in place of eyes.
  • Lurker Above: AC5, HD10*, hp 45, MV30’(10’), AT1, Dmg 1d6/round, ML12, Save F6, Int3, ALN. Special Abilities: 90% undetectable; clings to walls and ceilings; covers an area roughly 20’x20’; drops on unsuspecting visitors and smothers them, automatically inflicting damage until killed; those trapped within can only fight with short weapons if held in hand when the attack began. Appearance: looks like stone; when moving, it looks more like a manta ray.
  • Gargoyles: AC5, HD4**, hp 16-20, MV90’(30’)/150’(50’), AT 2 claws/1bite/1 horn, Dmg 1d3/1d3/1d6/1d4, Save F8, ML11, Int5, ALC. Special Abilities: immune to charm and sleep spells.
Moriluna (possessed): AC2, F4, hp 18, MV120/40’, AT1 dagger or spell, Dmg 1d4+2 or by spell, ML8, Save F4+4; St14, In17, Wi9, Dx16, Co13, Ch18, AL C. 
  • Special Abilities (while possessed): cast spells as MU9 (see Synistra’s spells); immune to sleep, charm, hold, paralysis, and poison. 
  • Equipment: ring of invisibility, dagger +1, leather corset +2, lipstick of protection +4 (duration: 1d4+1 hours when worn; 3 doses left inside the golden tube in her pouch). 
  •  Appearance: blond, shoulder-length curly hair, blue eyes, about forty, wears a red robe, a dagger at her waist, and pouch (with a silver key inside).
Moriluna (unpossessed): AC2, C4, hp 18, MV120/40’, AT1 battleaxe or spell, Dmg 1d8+2 or by spell, ML8, Save C4+4; St14, In10, Wi17, Dx16, Co13, Ch18, AL L. All other data as above. Her battleaxe +1 is hidden in a secret wall compartment, wherever she might need it (Areas 15 or 17).

Synistra (as the nosferatu): AC0, HD9**, hp 80, MV120/40’/150’(50’), AT1, Dmg 1d4 bite or by weapon or by spell, ML8, Save F9+2; St16, In17, Wi9, Dx16, Co n/a, Ch 18, AL C.
  • Special Abilities: cast spells as MU9, charm gaze (-2 penalty to save); regenerates 3 hp/round, +1 or better weapon to hit; immune to sleep, charm, hold, paralysis, and poison; takes half-damage from electrical and cold-based attacks; can change at will into gaseous form, a bat at night, or a raven during daylight hours; summon animals once per day (3-18 giant bats indoors or 2-8 dire wolves outdoors, all arriving in 2-12 rounds).
    Equipment: ring of protection +2, dagger +2, wand of paralyzation (3 charges left, 30’x10’ cone, save vs. wands or be paralyzed for 6 game turns).
    Spells Memorized/Spellbook: 1. magic missile x3; 2. detect invisible, ESP*, phantasmal force; 3. clairvoyance, dispel magic, hold person*; 4. charm monster, dimension door; 5. magic jar.
    Appearance: tall, pale skin, long black hair, in her 40s, suave, wears black lace.

  • Mystic: AC6, HD4, hp 12-16, MV150’(50’), AT1, Dmg 1d6+1 or by weapon, ML8 or 10, Save F4, Int12, Dex14, AL C. Special Abilities: awareness, heal self, move silently 35%, hide in shadows, 24%, climb walls 90%; acrobatic checks: d% roll vs. 3xDex + 2xLvl. Equipment: bo stick or light crossbows; roll 1d4: 1-2. one smoke bomb/party (20’x20’ area for 1d4+1 rounds), 3. one blast bomb/party (2d6+2 damage 20’x20’ area, save for half damage), 4. one flash bomb/party (20’x20’ area, blinds for 1d4+1 rounds, save vs. spell neg.). Appearance: brown robes, shaven heads.
  • Mystic Leader: AC3, HD7, hp 35, MV180’(60’), AT2, Dmg 1d10+2/1d10+2, ML12, Save F6, Int12, Dex17, AL C. Special Abilities: awareness, heal self, speak with animals, can strike creatures requiring +1 or better weapon; move silently 48%, hide in shadows, 35%, climb walls 93%, acrobatic checks 65%. Equipment: steel claws +1. Appearance: black robe, shaven head.
  • Zombies (4): AC8, HD2, hp 13-16, MV90’(30’), AT1, Dmg 1d8 or by weapon, ML12, Save F1, Int1, AL C. Special Abilities: immune to sleep, charm, hold, paralysis, and poison. Appearance: in need of a nose job and better threads.
  • Ghouls (2): AC6, HD2*, hp 15 & 16, MV90’(30’), #AT 2 claws/1 bite, Dmg 1d3/1d3/1d3+ paralysis, ML9, Save F2, Int3, AL C. Special Abilities: immune to sleep, charm, hold, paralysis, and poison; paralyzing touch (save vs. paralysis neg.). Appearance: ugly and yet perfectly ridiculous; just don’t lift their veils.
  • Elder Ghoul: AC5, HD5**, hp 35, MV90’(30’), #AT 2 claws/1 bite, Dmg 1d4/1d4/1d6 + paralysis, ML11, Save F4, Int12, AL C. Special Abilities: immune to sleep, charm, hold, paralysis, and poison; paralyzing touch (save vs. paralysis neg.); green aura expands 5’ radius/round incurring a –2 penalty to attacks and damage rolls (save vs. spells neg.) Appearance: even more hideous and preposterous in Synistra’s dominatrix outfit.
  • Owlbears (3): AC5, HD5, hp 28-32, MV120’(40’), #AT 2 claws/1 bite, Dmg 1d8/1d8/1d8, ML9, Save F3, Int2, AL N. Special Abilities: bear hug for an additional 2d8pts of damage if both paws hit.
  • Statue of Tarastia: AC0, HD8, hp 60, MV90’(30’), #AT 1, Dmg 1d8+3, ML12, Save F8, Int12, AL L. Special Abilities: immune to sleep, charm, hold, paralysis, and poison; protection from evil 15’ radius.
  • Strangle Vine: AC5, hp 8 per sq. ft., MV0’, #AT 1, Dmg 1d4/round, ML12, Save NM, Int0, AL N. Special Abilities: save vs. paralysis or become entangled and incur 1d4pts of damage per round; those entangled can hack at the vine with a –4 penalty to attack rolls; any 8pts of damage to the vine clear an area 1 square foot large; a burning torch will keep the vines at bay.
This concludes the Flight of the Bumblebee adventure. Your feedback on the overall series is welcome

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