Thursday, May 23, 2013

Of Headstrong Blogrolls & Story Reboots

Sure enough, Blogspot once again failed entirely to update the blogroll with today's article.  I posted this extra note to nudge their worthless bones and perhaps get such an update.  Sorry for the added entry (and I'm not sure this will actually work).  If you saw the notice in the blogroll, click here to return to the intended article or scroll down if you just happen to be on the home page.
Since my last announcement regarding the "Princess Ark Reboot"  (those of you who've been following me know what this is about), I've been busy working on outlines for the new world, the new ship and her crew, and the story plots.  It's been getting thicker and very exciting.  I can say without hesitation that the alternative setting offers quite a bit more depth and potential than Mystara ever did.  I doubt that you will be disappointed.  I will probably release shorts on this blog and elsewhere on the net to offer peek previews.  Until then, patience my dear friends.  The cake is still baking.  I haven't had the time to create another blog for the story reboot, and I hesitate using this one since it seems to be permanently malfunctioning (the blogroll not updating).  Now that I managed to post a new Mystara entry, I'll spend more time on the reboot, and on the next article--the Kingdom of Frisland.

Thanks for your patience!  

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