Friday, March 22, 2013

No Pegasus?

Oddly, my latest article didn't show on Blogspot's blog list sidebar, preventing many viewers who aren't on G+ or Facebook from being notified.  It's the second time this happens.  

Anyone having the same problem lately?

This post is a test to see if the issue persists. (As it were, this post did appear in the blog list... go figure.)


  1. Mine have been appearing, but late.


  2. I've been having the same problem. Don't know how long this been happening. I've been hearing rumors about Google getting rid of their reader but I'm not sure what that means. Are they dumping their blogs? Shifting everything google+? I have no idea.

    1. I don't think they're dumping the blogs (or their blog lists). They've been changing mechanics and the interface willy-nilly, with unpredictable results. Latest change: it used to be that if you clicked on an illo in a post, you'd get a closeup and a film strip at the bottom of the screen allowing you to skip through all the other illos in that post. Not anymore. Not you just get one big closeup view. Why? Beats me. Google keeps changing stuff without necessarily improving anything as far as I can see. For example, there use to be a way to post illos directly from the HTML window. Not any more. I don't see that as an improvement. Why are they changing stuff like that? No clue. It's just annoying as hell every time they do. Blogpost seems like it's ruled by laws of randomness and many ways. It would help if they at least annouced changes and their justification. I wish that Google would leave things alone that aren't broken AFAIK unless they truly improve them.

  3. I remember when they changed the interface. I tried it out and found that I couldn't cut and paste from MicroWord anymore. It was a big deal to me because I am revising old work and posting it on my blog. I was told by the google techs that "no one" used word so I shouldn't complain. Almost dropped my blog at that point. When I was forced to finally use the new interface they had changed things so that I could cut and paste from Word, so I guess they found that some people were still using it. I still don't like the new interface but I can function with it. The "New Coke" lesson never seems to be learned in business or how to treat customers.


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