Where Can I Get Calidar?

CAL 1 "In Stranger Skies" is sold primarily through DTRPG.  It is offered in both hardcover and digital formats.  DriveThruRPG is an online network that sells books related to roleplaying games on behalf of authors and game designersThese books are printed on demand, which typically requires up to two weeks for order processing and shippingPrinting is done in the USA for the US market, or in the United Kingdom for all foreign markets including Canada.  Please allow extra time for delivery when living outside the US or outside the UK. Click here for Calidar books listed on DTRPG

As the line of Calidar products expands, different channels are becoming available.  This page will be updated as sources open up.  Here are a few:

CAL1 "In Stranger Skies" with the author's autograph: These books are available directly from the author.  They can be purchased via Calidar's Facebook shop.  It is a new feature that Facebook has limited to its registered users in the USA.  Click here to connect. If you reside outside the USA, contact the author directly to make alternative arrangements via Paypal.

GC1 -- "Great Caldera" Poster Map: It is only offered so far on Calidar's Facebook shop (see note above).  Click here to connect.   

KM1 -- "Kingdom of Meryath" Poster Map: It is only offered so far on Calidar's Facebook shop. Click here to connect.

Poster Maps Bundle: If you want to own both maps, GC1 & KM1, these are discounted as a single purchase.  Click here to connect.

Customer service at DTRPG has been good: damaged, missing, or misprinted books have always been replaced thus far.  Attaching pictures of damaged or faulty books facilitates matters.  Click here for DTRPG's customer service.  

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