Friday, November 13, 2015

Artists from "Beyond the Skies"

I'm glad to release the news about the team of artists whose work will grace the cover and pages of CC1 "Beyond the Skies."  Their valued participation is subject to the success of the upcoming crowd funding on Kickstarter, early December 2015.  Den Beauvais's talent will bring the cover to life.  Like three musketeers (yes, there are four of them, but of course!), Joe Garcia, Eric Lofgren, Bradley K McDevitt, and Simon Todd will put a face on many of the gods depicted in "Beyond the Skies," if not all of them.

Den Beauvais is one of the most prolific and versatile artists in the field of Fantasy/Science Fiction today or in any venue he passionately explores. He has won numerous awards for his cover art for books, magazines, game boxes , comics books and a host of other mediums. His artwork is widely sought after by collectors and has graced classic book covers by such renowned authors as Isaac Asimov, Margaret Weis, Piers Anthony and Gordon R. Dickson. Den’s imagination knows no borders. Today, he is a highly sought after artist in the field of fantasy and Science Fiction art.

Joe Garcia Hey everyone! I'm a family man, sequential artist, and published gaming illustrator from Henderson, Nevada. I specialize in high contrast, grayscale, pencil drawings, and pen and ink line-work. I took some general high school art classes, however most of my training came from emulating the styles of comic and fantasy artists who could tell a story with a single image. As much as I love illustrating, I always aim to be a storyteller first.

Eric Lofgren was born and lives in Western Canada. He's had a long history of working in one graphic field or another. Beginning with two years working in a commercial sign shop and 10 years running his own sign business. Also one year as a digital photo-retoucher, a year full time as a landscape painter and two years as a tattoo artist. And finally, a recognized freelance illustrator in the RPG and CCG markets since 1999.

Bradley K McDevitt A 25 year veteran of the gaming industry with over 500 published credits, having done artwork work for WotC/TSR, Goodman Games, Atlas Games, and many more. Additionally, he has been an Art Director for GDW, Dark Skull Studios, and currently works with FASA on the Fading Suns TTRPG. He lives in Ohio with his wife Jessica, and when not drawing monsters, enjoys a wide variety of styles of music, surfing the 'net, as well as writing short stories and role-playing games.

Simon Todd The British artist and writer, Simon Todd, has been involved in fantasy role playing games since he first encountered a box set of Dungeons and Dragons in a post office on Rhode Island in 1979. Although trained as a sculptor specializing in large scale wood carving, Simon turned to writing and illustrating in 2002 and is currently busy developing his own company, MontiDots Ltd, producing new adventures, game settings and board games. Simon has already worked for the likes of GP Adventures and Dungeon Crawl Classics and is becoming a regular feature at Gary Con. Simon lives in Yorkshire with his family.


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