Friday, February 8, 2013

Bruce Heard Interview by Random Wizard

TSR D&D Mystara Bruce Heard
About Bruce Heard
Bruce Heard was hired by TSR after meeting with Gary Gygax in France. His career there stretched from 1983 up until 1997 (When WotC acquired TSR). If you are a fan of the Basic Dungeons and Dragons Gazetteers or the Rules Cyclopedia, you have Bruce Heard to thank. He was kind enough to answer the questions below.

RW: According to your blog (About Bruce Heard) You were originally hired by Gary Gygax as a translator. After two years, your position changed to Acquisition Coordinator and you also did game design. In 1985, the adventure M1 Into the Maelstrom was released. Into the Maelstrom is a very unique adventure that introduces the concept of using floating wooden "ships of sail" in space. This predates Spelljammer by four years and is the first instance of such a concept in a Dungeons and Dragons product that I am aware of. What inspired you to come up with the concept? Did Jeff Grub utilize your idea when making Spelljammer? What was the development process like?

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