Monday, March 12, 2018

Gary Con X Video

Hi all. Here's a  video of a few things I was able to catch while at Gary Con. Some of this stuff is a bit blurry. Sorry -- old camera and all. Hope you enjoy the show nonetheless.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Gary Con X

A few pictures for Thursday March 8th.
One of the private gamerooms

A hallway before the crowd

The Kobold Press gang

All aboard, mateys!

I want one.

HMGS corner. I'll crash the party tonite or friday...

More HMGS ogres...

Looks like a LotR scenario. I'm definitely interested.

Here comes the roc!

Our buddy the ent.

One of the GaryCon gift table

In the exhibitors' room (the entire surface was sold out, so two other rooms had to be added.)

The Heath from down-under (not).  ;)

Wayne Targo hard at work in the Forum gaming area.

Looks like a bunch of Jedi stuck in an arena. Ring a bell?

First time I noticed the "Forum" gaming area, across the parking lot from the hotel lobby.
It's huge. There's definitely room for expansion there. 

One of the upstairs ballrooms.

The view out from an upstairs ballroom.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Thank You.

E. Gary Gygax
My life's a mess. It's all your fault. I wouldn't have it any other way if I had to do it over. Now, please pass that d20. Peace. 

Thursday, January 4, 2018

About Reviews

Calidar books have so far been well received. A lot of care and attention is paid to contents, creative and graphic, with text, layout, maps, and art. It has been a slow process, since yours truly has to juggle game design, floor plan cartography, project management, advertising, social media presence, sales, and accounting, while still learning the ropes of indie publishing. The work in these books represents the efforts of more than one person--Thorfinn Tait's contributions with geographical maps and book layout cannot be ignored, nor should the work of artists who endeavored to give faces to Calidar's heroes and villains, the project editor, Janet Deaver-Pack, and more recently proofer Hervé Musseau. Kickstarter supporters should give themselves a major pat on the back as well.

Personal reviews are a way to thank all contributors and to convey constructive criticism and suggestions with the expectation they will help improve future releases. Fans ought to consider this especially if they hope to see future products for the World of Calidar succeed and follow a path that will best address their gaming needs. It's all about communication, hopefully amiable.

What does a review entail? Some can be as simple as a star rating. These can be logged in directly at the source, on DTRPG, where Calidar books come from. It just takes a minute (click here). An accompanying comment explaining the rating would be ideal but not absolutely necessary. That's the easiest approach.

Other methods include more elaborate and effective ways of reaching a wider spectrum in the gaming community. Mentions or discussions in forums are excellent ways to get the word across to other gamers, to the author, and creative contributors. I usually keep an eye on discussions on Facebook, G+, Twitter (#Calidar), and on the Piazza.

One other good place to put in a review is EnWorld's ranking page (click here for the present review status of Calidar books). In order for a title to appear on EnWorld's chart, a minimum of 10 reviews are required. If you plan on posting yours there, a paragraph on what you feel is most important is enough to help readers get the right idea.

Your feedback is important and appreciated. Thanks!